Photo by Dylan Hewlett

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba I've grown up loving the beauty of every season, building, nook and cranny this city has to offer.  Unlike most people I truly love winter in Winnipeg and have often used it as the starting point for my work.

During the summer I spend as much time as possible with my family in Minaki (Northwestern Ontario) photographing the people and places closest to me and any other creatures I might come across.

The line between what is "Art" and what is "Commercial" photography captures my curiosity, and influences a lot of the work that I do.  Currently I am freelancing commercially while exploring a few different projects that expressly look at this relationship.

In spring 2009 I completed my photo thesis for my Bachelors of Fine Arts Honors at the University of Manitoba.  I have also received my diploma in Multimedia Communications from the College Universitaire de St-Boniface.